Problems with KDevelop

Mark Thomas thomamd at
Wed Feb 1 20:27:04 UTC 2006

Is the FC4 DVD installation of KDevelop complete? The ony C/C++  program that I can get to successfully compile is the Konsol version of "Hello World." The GUI version aborts with a status 77 (which I assume is that it cannot find the comiler (based on the config.log). The KDE Framework sample does not compile because it reports missing headers. To try and fix the problem, I did a re-install everything, but the errors persist. It is not that I miss-typed something because I am rusing the included example. While on the web looking at KDE tutorials and stuff, all the pages assume that it works, although there is no mention of Fedora and instead mentions other Linux versions.

Also, I would be interested in hearing about good links and lists devoted to Linux programming with C/C++.

Thank you for your time

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