needed help on MINICOM

Andy Green andy at
Thu Feb 2 20:40:50 UTC 2006

Mike McCarty wrote:

> I'd say, complicated to get going, but easy to use
> after that.

That was my experience when I did use it too.

> It's much better since being rewritten. It used not to
> work very well. Lots of SIGSEGV.

It does have some advantages... like working over ssh on a machine with
no X libs.  Some people swear by it.  The U-boot guys don't like it though

Minicom warning:

Over time, many people have reported problems when trying to use the
"minicom" terminal emulation program for serial download. I (wd)
consider minicom to be broken, and recommend not to use it. Under
Unix, I recommend to use C-Kermit for general purpose use (and
especially for kermit binary protocol download ("loadb" command), and
use "cu" for S-Record download ("loads" command).

Anyway I settled on Commi, which seems not to be maintained any more,
but since it just seems to work as far as intended and still compiles
that's not critical.

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