udev and /dev/changer

Tim ignored_mailbox at yahoo.com.au
Sun Feb 5 11:10:43 UTC 2006

Norman Gaywood:
>>>What happens when the rules get updated.

>> Good question.

Mikkel L. Ellertson:
> Only the 50-udev.rules gets updated. The 10-local.rules does not
> get touched. Because it comes before the 50-udev.rules, it gets
> processed first.

I thought he was referring to if he modified the 50-udev.rules file, and
there was a YUM update, and I was thinking whether he was concerned
whether his modifications would get abandoned (I thought they would, but
didn't know).  Of course I was forgetting that the udev system can
modify that file as and when it needs to.

As far as processing files goes (for generating devices as needed), as
you say the 10 file gets done first, thanks to the file naming, and if
something matches your device, it handles it.  It doesn't matter if
something also matches it in the 50 file, the job's already been done.

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