Disable network init on boot?

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> Subject: Disable network init on boot?
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> I think maybe I knew how to do this once, but I never can remember the
> details of kernel arguments, and the docs/howtos are not of much
> assistance.
> Anyhow, I've installed a new driver for my (wireless) network, and it's
> not working very well - the system will lock up completely in the
> hardware init stage. As it happens, I think I know how to make things
> work, but before I can do that, I need to be able to start up the system
> in single user mode at least. So how exactly do I do that? How do I
> prevent the kernel from loading a certain module that modprobe.conf
> tells it to load? Can I disable a "device type" in the hardware init
> phase? And shouldn't there be as simple way to start up the system with
> the minimal config to allow access to the harddisk? Or is there one?
> And so on...
> - T
FC4 Rescue CD
FC4 install CD using the rescue mode (see opening screen)
Any Live CD Distro (Ubuntu, for example, do a "sudo -s" from the terminal).
Editing the "Kernel" line in Grub adding a 1 may well not load the mods.

Most rescue modes have the HD mounted and vi works for an editor.

There is alaways:

mount -t ext3 /dev/hda1 /newMadeIDirectory

to mount an ext3 partition on hda1 on a directory you newly made with "mkdir

Have fun!


BTW - same boat - making a new kernel today probably.
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