clear the MBR after FC4 removal

Timothy Payne tim at
Mon Feb 6 09:13:29 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 09:38 +0100, lorenzo.sandini at wrote:
> Hi,
> Moving my FC4 install to a bigger machine, and recycling the old computer to 
> be a windows xp desktop computer.
> Booted from the WinXP CD, formatted the whole drive, and hoped the MBR would 
> be overwritten and clean, but it is not.
> On reboot, I am offerend to choose between Win XP and "former OS", which 
> obviously needs nowhere.
> fdisk /mbr doesn't do a thing. How can I get rid of the reference to the 
> former OS in the boot menu ? I know I can edit the boot.ini, but is there any 
> trace of FC4 on the HDD that needs to be cleared ?
> Lorenzo

I use a Win98 floppy and boot from that, then use fdisk /mbr and then
use fdisk to remove all partitions.  Then create a DOS partition the
maximum size of the drive, format it.  Reboot from the floppy after
doing every step.  The long way around but it works for me.

You might just check with fdisk what it sees as partitions on the drive,
you may still have a small partition for FC4 (non DOS) by booting from
the floppy only.


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