how to setup rsh(d) on FC4

Tue Feb 7 15:43:07 UTC 2006

> Hi all,
> I try to get the rsh command working to a FC4 system
> On this system :
>      -TCP ports 512,513,514 allowed ports in the fire-wall
>      -xinetd is running
>      -the rsh-service is selected in the "service 
> configurations" even after a
>         reboot
>      -rshd is NOT running (I have no idea why)
I don't have rsh installed on my machines any more, but I had
a similar situation with telnet.  

Try this:  Go into /etc/xinetd.d and see if you have a file
for rsh.  If so, edit it and see if there is a line that says
"disable = yes".  If so, change the yes to no.  In my case with
telnet, even after I turned the service on in system-config-services,
it did not remove that line and did not start the service.

If there is nothing related to rsh in /etc/xinetd.d, please ignore
this post.

Bob Styma 

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