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Sat Feb 11 01:20:51 UTC 2006

On 2/11/06, Tony Dietrich <td at> wrote:
> I appreciatate your comments ... but the points you are putting forward are
> the ones I've spent the last few weeks trying to hammer home to a group of
> well-educated, stubborn, conservative lawyers.
> Do I really have to say anything other than 'lawyers'? <grin>
> As a group this lot have their hearts in the right place, and are worth
> helping.  Shame about their egos.
As Craig mentioned in his post, you should show them parallel
examples. If the financial sector can trust technology and financial
transactions can take place over public network with proper security
measures in place, then why can't the legal sector. They're lawyers
and lawyers love to argue. You just have to fire back the proper
counter arguments. :)


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