identical disk dump

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Tue Feb 14 18:36:18 UTC 2006

Andrew Schaffner wrote:
> I have an admin question:
> I need to make an identical bit-for-bit transfer of a hard disk from a
> *REALLY* slow box to a faster box.
> 1- There are no security issues --plugging one box directly into the other.
> 2- I need to prove/document the copy is identical to the original.
> 3- I want to do it as efficiently as possible.
> 4- I "own" both boxes.
> ---
> Has anyone used dcfldd ?? Is this a better tool than dd ??
> ---
> Any time-tested commands/flags/scripts would be greatly appreciated.
> Best wishes to everyone,
> Andrew
If you are going from one box to another, then dd type tools are
not the right tool for the job. You may want to take a look at
Ghost 4 Linux ( ) This also
has the advantage that the drives are not mounted during the
copy, so you do not have to worry about something changing while
the drive is being copied. You do NOT want to do a bit-for-bit
copy of a mounted drive!


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