64 bit compile of tcltls for amsn

Jim Christiansen christiansen_j at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 15 15:46:55 UTC 2006

amsn uses ssl and at first startup of the app it goes and downloads a 
package for ssl called tcltls.  This is required so that clear text 
passwords are not passed accross networks.  There is no precompliled version 
of  tls1.5 for 64 bit.

In FC4 64 bit this is what I get when compiling tls1.5.0-src.tar.gz:

loading cache ./config.cache
configure: error: bad ssl-dir: cannot find openssl/opensslv.h under 

There is no /usr/local/ssl directory in FC4 so the makfile or config file 
must need adjusting...

Is there anyone who is using amsn on a 64 bit system?

Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks,  Jim

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