a^ (ahat) in error messages from gcc

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 17 02:26:34 UTC 2006

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wrote:
> Reg Clemens <reg at dwf.com> writes:
>>When I use gcc, (FC4) I find that the error messages are
>>'full' of the character a-hat, viz
>>    interest-rate.c: In function â:
>>    interest-rate.c:20: error: â undeclared (first use in this function)
> Are you by any chance using a non UTF-8 capable xterm?

This cannot be the problem. These messages are supposed to contain
the names of C Language Identifiers. Such characters are illegal
in C source.

> I used to see this when ssh-ing into FC4 from an openbsd system, using
> the default openbsd xterms.

This is a defect in gcc, almost surely. He could have a clobbered

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