Rampant Off Topic Posts, what to do about it

Styma, Robert E (Robert) stymar at lucent.com
Fri Feb 17 18:52:07 UTC 2006

>  ...
> >http://forums.fedoraforum.org/
> >If you want to give up on this list, I usually recommend 
> folks to head
> >over to Fedora Forum because user lists don't scale even under best
> >conditions.  A web forum is better able to organize topics, 
> flame wars
> >are much better controlled, while off-topic drivel is easily moved to
> >where it belongs.
> Also consider Gmane, which makes lists into News (like Usenet 
> News).  Bad
> threads are easily and cheaply ignored that way.  I don't use 
> Gmane, but
> there have been posts in the past few months about how to do 
> it; they can
> be googled on with site:www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list gmane.
> (Personally, I just skip over the bad threads, much the same 
> way I skip
> over spam.  My old Eudora makes that easy and fast, and I 
> think it's safer
> than trying to set up filters, which are another way to skip 
> bad threads.)

I am forced to use MS Outlook here at work and I use Thunderbird
at home.  Both have the option of grouping by thread.  In
Tbird  View->Sort by->Threaded turns this on.  This makes it very
easy to pitch what I do not wish to look at.  

Bob Styma

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