FC4 on Laptop, does it work??

Tomas Larsson tomas at tlec.se
Sun Feb 19 20:13:06 UTC 2006

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> El sáb, 18-02-2006 a las 19:27 +0100, Tomas Larsson escribió:
> > As I suspected.
> > Will both the pad and usb-mouse work.
> > Is there drivers for the ATI video avaible somewhere?
> Yes, there are: in the ATI website indeed; Also, repos like 
> Livna build them.
> > Any other culprits to think about?
> > Like: S-Video Out, the Fn-keys, IR-connections, Energie management, 
> > soundcard, hotswap cd/dvd -- Floppy etc?
> > 
> >  
> Why don't you go here and have a look:
> http://www.linux-on-laptops.com/
> Surely there are several docs you are interested.
Been there, after I got the link yesterday.
I could'nt find any FC4 installs though, but others like debian, RH7 and

The different contributors seems to have different problems, with a few in
It seems that none have tested pcmia, modem, ir to name few, or had problems
with them.

Anyway I would probably do it, just need to get all data of the box first so
I can wipe it.
Will try with the stock FC4 cd's I got and see what happens.

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