Can GRUB boot GRUB?

Justin Willmert justin at
Mon Feb 20 18:18:17 UTC 2006

Iain Stephen wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have two HDDs sda and hda.
> sda (master SATA):
> 	WindowsXP (30GB)   Only because I need it for OU work.
> 	FC4       (200GB)  Because I love it.
> hda (master IDE):
> 	Debian    (20GB)   Because I like trying other Linux's.
> I would like to use hda for Debian (or perhaps testing FC5) but I want
> GRUB on hda to be independent of GRUB on sda; so that if Debian updated
> its version of GRUB's menu.lst I wouldn't need to edit menu.lst on sda.
> What I'm looking for is a way for GRUB on sda to boot GRUB on hda in the
> same way as GRUB can boot Windows.
> I've tried googeling and reading the man pages and although there are
> plenty of examples of editing menu.lst to boot other OS's I can't find
> what I want, GRUB (sda) boot GRUB (hda).
> Is it possible or have I just missed it?

You should be able to just chain load the Debian installation much like 
you would the Windows installation. Just give Debian the hda0 path 
rather than sdaX.

Take my comments as a grain of salt though. I am by NO means an advanced 
user in GRUB. I'm just telling you that I don't see much of a difference 
between the chain loading situations.

Justin Willmert

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