Do I need the hplip service?

Aaron Konstam akonstam at
Mon Feb 20 22:38:34 UTC 2006

>>From the RPM description of the "hplip" service I can't tell if I need it
>> or
> not.
> My FC4 desktop machine accesses only a single printer.  It is a networked
> HP
> Color LaserJet, shared from a CUPS server.  I get to this printer via a
> locally-running copy of CUPS.  I have no local printers attached to my
> machine.
> So data to be printed takes this path:
>   local-machine(CUPS) --> network-server(CUPS) --> printer(HP JetDirect)
> Given these circumstances, do I need to have the "hplip" service running
> on
> my desktop machine?
> Thanks.
The hplip package is only needed on your print servers.

Aaron Konstam
Professor Emeritus, Computer Science
Trinity University
San Antonio, Texas

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