Can't reach external hdd via ftp

Dovydas Sankauskas laisve at
Wed Feb 22 21:01:47 UTC 2006

I have mounted external usb hdd in  ftp server
/dev/sda1 on /home/dovydas/muzika type xfs (rw)

I can see this dir /home/dovydas/muzika, I can view and delete files obviously.

When user dovydas connects to ftp server, there is no dir muzika in
his home dir, where I mounted that usb hdd. All other dirs in home dir
are all right, except this one. I have tried to play with various
mount options, like user,dev,suid, but no success.

I have tried proftpd and vsftpd servers, but results are the same.
What is wrong with my server configuration??


Dovydas Sankauskas

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