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Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at sbcglobal.net
Wed Feb 22 21:37:25 UTC 2006

Christofer C. Bell wrote:
> On 2/22/06, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com> wrote:
>>On Wed, 2006-02-22 at 13:18, Christofer C. Bell wrote:
>>>That is *not* the spirit of Free software.  That *not*
>>>"the whole idea."
>>The whole idea of the GPL is that if you receive something you
>>must be allowed to redistribute it without any additional
>>restrictions and any modifications must also be covered by
>>the GPL.  And if you do redistribute you must make the source
> That's right, and the underlying justification, the reason, is "being
> a good neighbor."  I don't think taking Red Hat's work, stripping it

Well, that's not what I got from Richard Stallman back in 1986
or so.[*] As I understand him, what he's interested in is a social
and economic revolution. I can't find anything in the GPL about
"good neighbors". What I do find is that if you redistribute, then
you must provide the source, precisely so that others can do
whatever they like with it, within the bounds of the GPL.
That's the motive for using the term "Free".

[*] I exchanged several e-mails with him about what the GPL was
and why back when it was still pretty new, and while I can't say
I find that his position makes much sense to me, I do think I
came to understand what it was, at least at that time. I haven't
seen anything that would cause me to believe that his position has
changed substantially since then.

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