how to boot fedora core 4

l.schneide l.schneide at
Thu Feb 23 00:00:33 UTC 2006


i  m new in this list.
i got a problem to boot my just install fedora core 4. i want to tast it 
and i dont want to monify the MBR of my fist disk where the nt boot 
loader is intall

so i don't install grub and i try to launch fedora with loadlin 1.6C 
 and it freeze after decompacting the kernel
i want to use a loader on a dos session  
the ide0 got in his fist partition dos 6.22 and the second NT4
i got 3 other SCSI drive and fedora is on a forth SCSI new dive i 
install for it (install on sdd1 and sdd2 the swap).
how can i do to boot on a dos session ?

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