Upgrading from FC5T3 to FC5 final

Bruno Wolff III bruno at wolff.to
Fri Feb 24 17:18:43 UTC 2006

On Fri, Feb 24, 2006 at 08:56:59 -0800,
  Kam Leo <kam.leo at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 2/24/06, Bill Dealey <linuxadmin at freightdesk.com> wrote:
> > If I install FC5T3 on my machine now, will I have do a reinstall/upgrade
> > when the final release of FC5 is available or will I be able to upgrade
> > to the full FC5 via yum updates?
> >
> Please post your question to the fedora-test-list.

The standard answer to this question seems to be don't count on it.

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