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James Kosin jkosin at
Mon Jan 2 15:16:06 UTC 2006

Charles Howse wrote:
>>Thank you very, very much. I will be reading TFM a good deal this evening.
> BTW, I keep getting an email from:
> AntiSpam UOL <petsupermarket.sspam at>
> Wanting me to verify that I am sending email to that address.
> Dotan, would that be one of your addresses?
> It's no problem to just trash it, but I was just wondering.
It is safe to just delete the message.....  I can't see why we can't fix 
this so users don't get bothered by this.

What happens....
(1)  You send your e-mail to the list....
(2)  The list gets the message and forwards a copy to all the subscribed 
(3)  One, or more of the members (I'm hopping only one, if more you 
would be getting multiple for every single post).. has their e-mail 
handled by a domain/server practicing this type of anti-spam guard.  The 
e-mail address in the reply to your post is not the subscribed person's 
e-mail address!

What you can do....
(1)  If you run your own mail-server BAN all messages from this domain.
(2)  Delete the message.
(3)  Contact the domain administrator and notify them of the problem 
(there are thousands of people subscribed to this list probably)
(4)  Organize a mass invitation to flood the server with responses to 
every email posting....
(5)  Ignore the message.

I wouldn't suggest #4 above without first trying all the others at least 

James Kosin

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