FC4 booting problem?

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Tue Jan 3 21:22:42 UTC 2006

> 2 hard drives:
> - The first is dedicated to Windows XP.
> - The second is partitioned so that Fedora Core 4 is at the front and
> extra space is given for Windows at the back.
> While I installed FC4, I made sure to set FC4 as the default boot.  So
> I expected it to boot after the system was rebooted.  But, Windows
> automatically boots.  Do you have any ideas what the problem could be?

You have to install the GRUB bootloader onto the drive that the BIOS
boots from.  It sounds like you've installed it to the second (Linux)
drive, and the PC BIOS is booting from the first one (continuing to boot
Windows, as it previously did).

Hey, thanks for the ideas.  The funny thing is that the bootloader was
installed on hda, which is the Windows drive (Linux is on hdb).  So, it
should be in the right place.
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