lvm lvrename on Fedora Core 4

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at
Mon Jan 9 02:42:14 UTC 2006

Robert L Cochran wrote:

>  On my shiny new FC4 system, mount reports this device to be mounted
>  on root "/":
>  /dev/mapper/VolGroup00-LogVol00
>  And I assume that this is most of my hard drive except for /boot
>  (which is /dev/sda1) and swap. Would renaming this with 'lvm
>  lvrename' offer me any benefit? For example rename it to
>  /dev/mapper/VolGroup05-LogVol10
>  My previous FC4 system has an LVM spanning 2 physical disks and it is
>  going to be truly inconvenient to mount these disks on my current
>  system and get at the contents of the data on them. I've forgotten to
>  back up several important files to a DVD before doing a hardware
>  upgrade that includes using only one Great Big Hard Drive, and I'm
>  feeling the pain.
>  So would renaming my current LVM make it easier to get my old drives
>  (which are currently sitting around unused) mounted and accessible?
>  Thanks
>  Bob Cochran

I would try this myself to rename the lvm. I believe there are also 
volume labels for / and swap on your lvm. Since I am by no means an 
expert on lvm usage, I checked to see if by chance there was a list 
dedicated to lvm usage on Linux. There is a list.

Renaming the lvm to not confict with existing volumes. Relabeling the 
volumes to /oldroot or something similar is what seems needed.
It is great that my advise did not end up in dataloss for you yet. See 
if the list is of any help first.
It sounds like you are making some progress on finding utilities in lvm 
to get at the data.


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