GNome Un-install?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Mon Jan 9 05:59:49 UTC 2006


>> Note for example, Firefox, Mozilla, GIMP, system-config-httpd,
>> system-config-lvm why should gnome be required for these packages to
>> work.  Granted they are GUI but they could be designed to run without
>> the gnome desktop system.
>> John
> The packaging listing looks saner than earlier list but the above 
> packages shouldnt be removed. I will initiate a discussion in 
> fedora-devel.
I am unable to reproduce this on Fedora devel tree aka rawhide. Yum 
groupremove "GNOME Desktop Environment" on a box with Gimp, Firefox and 
all the system-config-* doesnt list it for removal, only the GNOME 
specific things. Maybe things have improved from the release you are using.


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