Canon 3000 scanner

Nat Gross nat101l at
Wed Jan 11 14:23:47 UTC 2006

On 1/11/06, David Fletcher <fc at> wrote:
> At 02:35 11/01/2006, you wrote:
> >On 1/10/06, Chasecreek Systemhouse <chasecreek.systemhouse at> wrote:
> >On the box it has a TWAIN emblem. However, underneath that in fine
> >print it sais 'for Windows". I don't think TWAIN has anything to do
> >with the os.  It comes with Windoz software and works on this [dual
> >boot] machine with Windoz outta the box.
> >
> >This week my Windows setup (on this machine) crashed again. The little
> >scanner is the last hurdle to overcome, to send Windoz up s__t creek
> >for good. I have no time to play with Windows, and haven't really
> >tried fixing it so far.
> >
> >-nat
> Sounds to me like you need to encourage your children and/or
> grandchildren to use it and if that doesn't do the trick get them to
> bring some friends home.
> Once it's broken get an Epson scanner. Depends on what you want to do
> with it but I've got a Perfection 2450 Photo that produces beautiful
> scans from the 6x6cm transparencies out of my Bronica SQ-B camera.
> The driver software did get broken a few days ago (it happens from
> time to time) but I've got it working again by getting the source RPM
> for libusb-0.1.10a from the FC4 mirror and rebuilding it on FC3. You
> wouldn't be able to do that with windoze.
> If you go to there's
> downloads of Epson peripheral drivers for Linux. I've installed one
> of the iscan packages. I don't use the iscan graphical front end but
> I think it also installs a sane backend which gets used by xsane. If
> I've got this wrong somebody please correct me.
> The important thing is that it works although I still have the
> slightly strange quirk in the software that I have to start xsane,
> shut it down immediately then start it again for the scanner to work.
> I've no idea why this happens but I can live with it.
My next question was going to be which scanner to buy (when I get some cash).
You answered it in advance.

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