optic fiber card first shows link but after ifup gives a Link down

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Fri Jan 13 15:34:05 UTC 2006


I`ve got a machine with four network interfaces which acts as a firewall.
Two of those network interfaces are optic fiber cards.
'lspci' shows all four interfaces correctly. No Problem there. Also the
necessary kernel module (pcnet32) is loaded and everything seems to be fine.

When I plug the optic fiber cabel into one of the cards it shows a link by
activating a green light. As soon as I try to bring that network interface
up (ifup eth2), it gives me a "link down" and the green light is
extinguished of course. /var/log/messages shows nothing regarding this
The optic fiber cards I use are Allied Telesyn Advanced Micro Devices [AMD]
79c970 [PCnet32 LANCE] (rev 36).

If anyone can shed any light into this, I would be more than thankful. I
have no clue, what to do next.
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