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Fri Jan 13 18:12:09 UTC 2006

you may exactly open 65535 ports tcp outgoing on every pc with a modern os.

the big question is not about ports

the big question would be, how many paralell connections, or in other words,
sockets are you able to open at once...

these things are given by sysctl parameters for example... there are other
ways too, but thats the most common one...

a hot tip for all ppls who try to program networked tools/programs/libs...

*please* close your sockets, if you no longer need them *explicitely*


Oliver Leitner

On 1/13/06, vi <vijay_nathani at> wrote:
> I was interested to know how many ports can be opened on Fedora Linux FC4.
> I
> did an experiment. I wrote a server program that accepts TCP connections
> and
> a client program that keeps connecting to the Server port.
> Guess the results? The server program can have about 1020 port maximum
> only.
> Is that not low for a server expected to be used by millions. Windows XP
> professional with SP2 can open about 3000 ports maximum.
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