Procmail filtering

jdow jdow at
Sun Jan 15 04:17:23 UTC 2006

From: "John Summerfied" <debian at>
> jdow wrote:
>>> whatever).
>>> They're set up by default to invoke procmail.
>> He specifically said he was using fetchmail.
> I used fetchmail for some years, and the recommended way to use 
> fetchmail is to have it feed email into your MTA, whether sendmail, 
> postfix or zmailer.
> Doing so allows fetchmail to poll several accounts and make deliveries 
> to different people.

Old data. I use per user fetchmail as it appeared he was using it.
I simply have several copies of the indented portion of the .fetchmailrc
I excerpted for him, one for each account all feeding to one account for
further sorting. So I fetch from several to feed into one. Otherwise you
need to get fussier and run fetchmail as root leading to nebulously
undefined potential security problems. Each Linux user has their own
.fetchmailrc. They each run fetchmail with this little script that
features several ways to hammer fetchmail into quitting (native, sudo,
and su -l <user> <command> all seem to work just a wee bit differently)
before starting it.

/usr/bin/fetchmail -q
killall fetchmail
/usr/bin/fetchmail -d 90 --fetchmailrc /home/jdow/.fetchmailrc
===8<--- (change "jdow" above appropriately per username.)

It works just peachy for Loren and me with about four accounts on
Earthlink for each of us.


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