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Mon Jan 16 02:07:36 UTC 2006

On Sun, 2006-01-15 at 18:13 -0500, Michael D. Berger wrote:
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> >On Sunday 15 January 2006 15:07, Michael D. Berger wrote:
> >> What application is recommended for using usenet in FC4?
> >> Thanks,
> >> Mike.
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> >> Michael D. Berger
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> > I have tried several news readers with FC4 and have found "Pan" to be the
> best one yet. You > can find out about it at
> > HTH 
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> > Joe Carsto
> > Murfreesboro, TN USA
> I see on the suggested web site that they mention Gnome.
> I use KDE.  Will it work with KDE?

While it calls itself a newsreader for gnome, it actually really a gtk2+
application - not a gnome application. So installing it won't bring in a
bunch of gnome libraries - just gtk2+ which you probably already have.

Well, actually - it does have gedit as a dependency, and that will bring
in gnome stuff. It doesn't *really* need gedit though - you could
install the rpm via --nodeps (first making sure the other requirements
are met) and when you run it, change the text editor in the preferences
to kedit.

It should be noted that pan does not (currently) attach files - you can
manually uuencode files and attach them, but it doesn't do it for you.

It does however handle attached files just fine from posts to a

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