Fedora Core 3 Transferred to Fedora Legacy

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at redhat.com
Tue Jan 17 08:03:08 UTC 2006


> Hmm. He has suggested you go to the devel area. I don't understand
> why this is not a reasonable forum for discussing such "policy"
> related issues, myself. But if it isn't, then it isn't, and so long
> as there *is* a forum for that type of discussion, then I don't think
> anyone is being treated badly. 

Because not all of the developers can follow discussions in this high 
traffic list and many of them are only subscribed to the fedora 
development related mailing lists.  There is a specific list meant to 
discuss development issues. A request to update release policy is one 
such issue. So go ahead, write a detailed rationale and present it in 
fedora-devel list. Thanks


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