Laptop screen died

RM Christiansen chrirobe at
Wed Jan 18 06:01:16 UTC 2006

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> I've been running FC4 on a Toshiba Satellite 1115-S103 laptop since test
> 1, and FC3 before that. (Clean installs each time)
> The other day the screen (LCD in the lid) went dim, and can't be read.
> The image is so dim it looks like it's "burned" onto the screen. That's
> not the case, because when I shut the system down, the screen turns off
> and it's all "dark".
> I can still use the machine remotely (via ssh).
> Does ths sound like a hardware problem, or is it possible that there's a
> "power setting" that could cause the screen to dim?
> I've tried restarting the machine, but the screen is the same dead/dim
> continuously...
> I was thinking of taking it in for repair.... but I'm also thinking it
> will likely cost more than it's worth to fix...It's a few years old, out
> of warranty.
> Anybody have any comments or suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Don

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Sound like a hardware failure.  I have a compaq that suffered a lightening
strike through the modem that blew out the "backlite" component of the LCD.
After research, I found some lites available for various models (not mine)
and warnings about the replacement needing to be done in a clean room.
I bought a new laptop.  The old one is acting as a headless webserver until
something else dies.

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