Amanda: Possible Path Problem

Charles Curley charlescurley at
Thu Jan 19 00:48:28 UTC 2006

While trying to set up Amanda on FC4 to use virtual tapes (per, I hit a problem
wich may be a path problem. I ran "amcheck DailySet1" and got this:

amcheck-server: could not get changer info: badly formed result from
changer: "/usr/lib/amanda/chg-disk: line 84:
/usr/adm/amanda/changer-status-access: No such file or directory"

There is no /usr/adm.

I can't see where in chd-disk or amanda.conf that is defined. I do not
have changerfile defined in my amanda.conf, as the documentation I am
following says it is optional. Am I perhaps picking up an incorrect
default value for it?

Neither of the two bugs I found in bugzilla for Amanda in FC4 describe
this problem.

The output from amcheck included this line also:

ERROR: localhost: [Can't open exclude file
'/usr/local/lib/amanda/exclude.gtar': No such file or directory]

As I don't have an /usr/local/lib/amanda/ directory, this may be
another path problem?

Thank you.


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