high resolution timer

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 19 18:01:38 UTC 2006

Erwin Rol wrote:

[some good information followed by]

> You also might want to critically look at your software/hardware on why
> you need those timers. Maybe if you explain what you are trying to do
> someone has a better/different solution for you that does work with the
> normal kernel.

I second this advice. It's pretty abnormal to need 100us resolution
in timing, especially in a "sloppy scheduling environment" like
that provided by the standard Linux kernels. Ask yourself whether
you really really need that, or if you don't have a design
masquerading as requirements. What does this timing requirement
stem from? Surely there is some reason for its existence. That
is probably a real requirement. See if you can accomplish the
same result without needing stringent timing.

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