OT: Packet Filtering to Relieve Server Congestion?

Hugh Caley Hugh_Caley at affymetrix.com
Thu Jan 19 21:28:28 UTC 2006

We're running FC2 on a couple of servers connected to a Nexsan
atabeast.  NFS access to the servers is great, until our 200+ node
cluster fires up and swamps us.

I was wondering what people have used as solutions for this problem.  I
don't really have to serve the cluster much faster, but I do have to
keep non-cluster interactive unix sessions going in decent real time.

Could I do something like use packet filtering and queueing on the NFS
servers to make certain that packets from machines other than the
cluster get first priority?  The cluster nodes are on designated
subnets; could I have the server put everything else first, or maybe
reserve 3/4 of the bandwidth for the cluster so that other things don't
slow down too much?

Could I do this sort of thing on the servers themselves, or would there
have to be another machine in front of them?

We are currently running 256 nfsds on each server, which maybe helped a
little bit over the default 8 nfsds.


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