Join the existing LAN with a wireless router

Matthew Saltzman mjs at
Fri Jan 20 03:10:52 UTC 2006

On Wed, 18 Jan 2006, Barry Yu wrote:

> In the office there is already an existing LAN with 6 desktop machine 1 
> dns server / dhcp server / gateway, ip address range ~ 
>, connection of entire LAN is by cable with a switch box, 
> every machine is working fine. Now I want to add a Linksys router WRT54G 
> in the office to enable 2 more laptops ( or more than 2) equipped with 
> built-in wireless network card for the network, how ever, these laptops 
> can only go to the Internet and communicate with other wireless laptop 
> in the same wireless group (Same ssid), but can't communicate with those 
> wired desktops, the way I connect the wireless router is : With a cat 5 
> cable one end connects from the Internet port of router and the other 
> end goes to one of the port in the switch box ( Where all desktops are 
> connected). I would imagin that unless all of the desktop each adds a 
> wireless network card to enable them to join the wireless network group, 
> otherwise 2 different network segments can't communicate at all - Can 
> anyone give some ideas how to make the wireless group to join the wired 
> group?

(1) Please wrap your lines at about 72 characters.

(2) What I do is attach the wireless router to the switch using one of the 
non-uplink wired ports.  I give the router itself an IP (the LAN side, not 
the Internet side) on the local net and the local net's netmask.  I turn 
off its DHCP server, as I have one running on the wired net anyway.

This makes the wireless hub act as a hub instead of a router.  All 
attached devices, wired or wireless, live on the same LAN.


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