RPM database question

David Boles dgboles at comcast.net
Fri Jan 20 13:51:43 UTC 2006

H.Breimer wrote:
> On Thu, 19 Jan 2006 15:54:53 -0800
> David Boles <dgboles at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Neal Becker wrote:
>>> David Boles wrote:
>>>> Sorry if this posts twice. It did not appear to post.
>>>> I seem to recall that there was a long CLI command that would list
>>> the > 'duplicate installs' in the RPM database. These caused false
>>> dependency > problems because RPM thought the 'old' version was still
>>> installed. >
>>>> Example:
>>>> foopackage-1.2.3-1.i386.rpm    and
>>>> foopackage-1.2.3-2.i386.rpm
>>>> And there was a way to repair this.
>>>> Would someone please post this if it is still an option? Or another
>>>> solution?
>>> If you don't actually want to remove, then you can do:
>>> rpm -e --justdb.
>> I want to thank eveyone for their help and suggestions. But...
>> Either I can not type or I am just not doing something exactly
>> correctly. Or maybe it is not possible anymore.
>> Sometimes the rpm database would get stuck with two listings of the
>> same package and one is -1 number higher in version. Or .1 higher.
>> There WAS a way to get RPM to ONLY show the duplicate packages that
>> had different version numbers. Not all of them with the duplicates
>> listed together in a long list. This duplicate problem would cause
>> dependency problems. The older version could then be rpm -e <old
>> packagename/number> by looking at the list and that would solve this
>> problem.
>> -- 
>>   David
> hi david,
> The attached script will put a list on your term of the  double
> packages.
> Ignore kernels and keys, they seem to do no harm.
>>From the list I manually remove the oldest.
> henk

Thank you.



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