belkin wireless g+ desktop card support?

jack wallen jlwallen at
Sun Jan 22 16:48:32 UTC 2006

had to go into the driver settings to find anything out. looks like the driver 
was made by broadcom - so i'm assuming it's a broadcom chip. of course that 
means there's no support with linux right?

On Sunday January 22 2006 3:21 am, John Summerfied wrote:

> jack wallen wrote:
> > On Sunday January 22 2006 1:00 am, John Summerfied wrote:
> >>jack wallen wrote:
> >>>i've been searching everwhere and can't find if FC4 (or 5) supports this
> >>>card. has anyone any experience with this?
> >>
> >>What does lspci show?
> >
> > not sure yet. this is for an install on my girlfriend's daughter's
> > computer. she wants to use linux but her computer has to use a wireless
> > network card (the one i'm asking about). can't afford to buy a new card
> > so i was hoping to find out if this card would work in FC4. i've searched
> > but haven't found anything saying yeah or nay yet.
> We can't tell you until we know what's in the card. You could boot
> Knoppix to find out, or in Windows:
> Start/Settings/Network Connections
> Choose the wireless card, right-click, properties
> Choose General/Configure
> It well tell you stuff about the card. Windows says of my card,
> "Orinocco" (the brand) and "Agere Systems" (the chipset manufacturer,
> way more important then the brand) abd Driver/Driver details says "Lucent."
> The printing on the outside of the card says "Wavelan," more recent ones
> say "Orinocco."
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