Sendmail and security

Donald Arseneau asnd at
Mon Jan 23 03:45:18 UTC 2006

Anne Wilson <cannewilson at> writes:

> A user of another distro has remarked that I should uninstall sendmail.  
> <quote> Sendmail simply has too many security issues to leave it on any 
> machine. </quote>
> Surely a box kept up to date would not have those security issues.  Am I 
> missing something?

I can agree with the sentiment, but it is not a case of unpatched security
holes.  Sendmail is just too difficult to configure for it to be used on
an average user's computer.  It isn't a security hole just being there,
the way it is configured by default (nowadays), but if the user wants
to enable more, it is easy to accidentally make a spam remailer.

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