Fetchmail socket problem

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Tue Jan 24 09:17:28 UTC 2006

On Monday 23 Jan 2006 19:06, jdow wrote:
> It may be as simple as telling kmail to get NEW mail from the spool
> directory, /var/spool/mail/xxx. Or it may involve telling Dovecot
> to use the spool directories for incoming and the user home directory
> "mail" directory for storing the mail folders for imap. That chunk
> of documentation is not particularly trying. I managed to solve it.
> I think it involved a one liner:
> MAIL=/home/xxx/mail:INBOX=/var/spool/mail/xxx
Problems there.  With that line in Dovecot doesn't start - error: 
expecting "="

I tried putting spaces around the '=' and now it says 'Unknown setting: 

I'll comment it out until I/we can work out the adjustment.


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