install on SATA drive on ASUS A8n-VM CSM, nforce 430

dondi_2006 dondi_2006 at
Thu Jan 26 17:16:08 UTC 2006

Some extra info/question

1) A guy on the nVidia forum told me to just try FC5t2, which includes
the SATA driver. What do you think? I'd rather use FC4, simply because
I already have those CD-roms and a slow internet connection. Isn't it
possible to pass that driver to anaconda on a floppy? How?

Above all, how and why could FC5 solve the first problem:

> 1) When I boot from the first CD of Fedora Core 4 x86_64 I get:
>    initial text screen (the one where you can give boot options)
>    displayed perfectly. all following screen (do or skip mediacheck,
>    etc...) all messed up. By this I mean (text) image is very stable,
>    but every 2/3 lines of characters the columns are shifted, so I see
>    a bunch of disaligned blue or red rectangles.

For the record, I've managed by trial and error to run mediacheck, and I
see (written many times on the screen in fixed positions) the 0..100%
message appear and progress, so it *seems* the disc is OK. Only it cannot
drive the monitor with the onboard video GeForce 6150 in any way.
Nothing changes with "linux resolution=1280x768" or "linux lowres". What
else can I try?


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