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Andy Green <andy at> wrote: Rickey Moore wrote:

> The stylus could be used as a weapon, (they won't even allow
> kindergarden no-cut sissors in there!) traded for coffee or rollups, or
> potentially stolen by those who aren't successf! ully treated yet.

Man I have to thank you for this weird philosophical hellworld you have
been posting about.  Suddenly the minor irritations of my day don't seem
so bad. However if the stylus is bad, be aware that the friendly looking LCDs have a glass substrate behind them.

Good point to consider too! What amazes me is that we have 6.7 million former citizens, in this country, living like they do and you hear nothing about the situation in the "Real World". It is a Hellworld, you nailed that right on the head and quite a few are people like you and me and the rest of the posters on this list, who made a bad call and found themselves become pariahs living in the Land of the Dead and Forgotten. That's just for starts, first day in. It gets worse, although it's nothing like portrayed on TV.  Imagine doing nothing and going nowhere, 24/7. That's Hell. It's an army, with no orders and confined to base. That's why I'm not really too worried about anyone trying to 'beat-the-system' as there would be >so< much to lose, to go back to having >nothing< again. The self interest of being allowed to do >something< that may also help correct past bad thinking, learning to live productively and offense free, adding the remote chance of cutting time off the sen!
tence, is
 all the motivation I'll need for them to demonstrate the chance for some measurable amount of success to occur.  
It's sad, yet it's an opportunity to use.  I'll be back at the well here looking for ideas to use.  Please feel free to address me here or privately. Ric

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