FC4 hang/interpret slabtop

Bill Perkins perk at iag.net
Sat Jan 28 04:57:42 UTC 2006

ptfedora3 at majordomo.thedacare.org wrote:
> I have a FC4 machine which hangs frequently.  
> It does a *lot* of logging from a remote syslog.  It can hang at
> unpredictable times, but will also usually become unresponsive around the
> time when logrotate tries to rotate syslogs.  My suspicion is there is
> something wrong somewhere between the kernel and syslogd.
> I have tried looking at slabtop to see if things are running out of room 
> in the kernel.  I still think this is the case, but can't find any 
> authoritative source on increasing them to compensate.
> Here is a view of my slabtop sorted by percentage used:
> Things don't look right to me: there seem to be a lot of things at 100% 
> but my efforts to increase them by writing new values into /proc/slabinfo 
> are either wrong or ineffective.  Any thoughts?
> [root at syslogger ~]# slabtop
>  Active / Total Objects (% used)    : 53671 / 74663 (71.9%)
>  Active / Total Slabs (% used)      : 3335 / 3337 (99.9%)
>  Active / Total Caches (% used)     : 85 / 123 (69.1%)
>  Active / Total Size (% used)       : 9067.80K / 13123.39K (69.1%)
>  Minimum / Average / Maximum Object : 0.01K / 0.17K / 128.00K

Looks the same here- I'd never heard of slabtop before, where did you 
hear about it? Anyway, I get much the same data you do on my system 
(P3/1GHz/256Mb), but it's my regular desktop. I've seen mention of ACPI 
issues on this list which may cause lockups, as well as memory problems 
(have you run memtest86 on the system?).

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