belkin wireless g+ desktop card support?

Neil Cherry ncherry at
Sun Jan 29 15:59:43 UTC 2006

Anne Wilson wrote:
> On Saturday 28 Jan 2006 23:19, John Summerfied wrote:
>> broadcom is a great brand to avoid. Last Great Step Forward I head
>> from the broadcom reverse-engineers that they had fully documented
>> the interfaces and were ready to begin the Next Great Step. I got the
>> impression usable code was some way off.
> My Acer laptop has a Broadcom wireless connection, using ipw2200.  It 
> works out-of-the-box with Mandriva.  I haven't tried it with FC4 yet, 
> but I see no reason why not.

If your using the ipw2200 then you've got an Intel mini-PCI card
in your Acer. My laptop has a broadcom chip (can't use the ipw2200
care because it's an AMD, grr) and I have to use ndiswrapper. I may
try the reverse engineered driver later when I have more time.

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