can an access point connect through an access point?

Claude Jones claude_jones at
Sun Jan 29 16:28:44 UTC 2006

On Sun January 29 2006 11:14 am, Neil Cherry wrote:
> Most store bought AP don't support this setup. You can purchase
> a Wireless bridge to connect network B through the AP to everything
> else. The WRT54 family with OpenWRT, HyperWRT or the other 3rd
> party software can do this. You would keep one D-Link as an AP
> and get a WRT54GL (if you're buying new), setup the OpenWRT software
> as a client and connect to the D-Link. See this:

Thanks. That does look like exactly what I''m trying to do. I actually have a 
WRT54G here. But, it's configured to just be plugged in and work, in the 
event that my FC4 box goes down, or if I need to perform hardware/software 
upgrades on the box. With an FC5 install looming in a couple of months, I 
don't think I want to reassign this router to this immediate need. I guess I 
need to just bite the bullet and get a wireless NIC for that other machine 
that will work with Linux as well as Windows... Unless someone else has a 
better idea. 
Claude Jones
Bluemont, VA, USA

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