formating external USB hard drive

Mikkel L. Ellertson mikkel at
Sun Jan 29 16:31:22 UTC 2006

François Patte wrote:
> John Summerfied a écrit :
>>Unmount the partitions, maybe
>>umount /media/usbdisk*
>>Repartition it with, for example, fdisk
>>Check that some bloody stupid automount thing didn't mount the new
>>partitions. Shouldn't be possible, but who knows?
> It works.... I quite agree with you for automount.... but, everybody (I
> think) has to deal with people who do not understand or can use:
> mount /dev/sdc1 /media/mydisk
> And if people cannot be root, how could they know that the thing they
> have just plugged in is the /dev/sdc1 device?
That is why there is HAL and hotplug. They work together to
automaticly mount the drive when it is plugged in. But they
will not automaticly mount anything when you use fdisk to
change the drive partitions unless you unplug the drive,
wait for the disconnect scripts to finish, and plug it
back in again. It may take a short while before the partitions
get mounted after you plug it in. The drive as to spin up,
the partition table read, and mount points determined.


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