VPN Router for Linux (FC4)

Ryan D'Baisse ryan.dbaisse at gmail.com
Mon Jan 30 00:48:50 UTC 2006

I have recently setup three FC4 machines at home to try my hand at  
Linux development.  I will soon be setting up SVN and beginning to  
use Eclipse for C++ and Java development.  I would like to be able to  
VPN into my network, here at home, and then use SSH, SVN, etc.  I do  
NOT want to simply open up all of those ports on my firewall.   
Unfortunately, all of the VPN routers I can find (like the Linksys  
models) all stress Windows.

Can someone recommend a good VPN router that will play nice with Linux?

Will I be forced to use the vendor's (Linksys', Netgear's, etc.)  
proprietary VPN client software or does Linux come with something  
that should work based on some standard?

Does anyone know if there are major differences between the Linksys  
BEFVP41 and the RV0041, besides the gigE port?


P.S. I have both DSL and cable, if that matters (port blocking,  
compatibility, etc.).

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