install palmon to wine

Rudolf Kastl che666 at
Mon Jan 30 12:40:58 UTC 2006

2006/1/30, Yuandan Zhang <yuandan.zhang at>:
> Hi,
> I tried to install PalmOne Desktop (from PalmOne CD) for Palm Tungen 5
> (T5)to wine. Once the cd inserted, it was automatically mounted at
> /mdeia/cdwriter. However, when I looked at this mount point dir, ls
> -lat /media/cdwriter, there was nothing there. df command shows it is
> about 250MB. How can I make it visiable or how to install PalmOne
> desktop to wine?
> Yuandan
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id recommend looking at if its not there
yet... add it.. if its there yet add your comments and questions.

Rudolf Kastl

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