Help: lost LVM logical volumes on old disk after FC4 install

Kevin Flynn flavor_tagger at
Mon Jan 30 15:29:54 UTC 2006

I'm seeking advice on how to recover old logical volumes that I stupidly 
lost after a FC4 install as follows:

Initial conditions
- Had old computer running FC4
- Old computer had one disk with two partitions:   /boot and an LVM2 PV.
- The PV belonged to volume group VolGroup00, and had three logical volumes:
   LogVol00 (root), LogVol01 (swap), LogVol02 (home)
   (and this PV was the only PV in the group).

Then I went and did this
- Got new computer (with new disk)
- Installed old disk in new computer, thinking I'll have easy access to my 
old data
- Performed custom install of FC4 on new computer
- During installer's manual partitioning phase, I defined a logical volume 
  on the *new* disk called VolGroup00, with three logical volumes:
  LogVol00 (root), LogVol01 (swap), LogVol02 (home)
- I then noticed that the installer had properly found my *old* disk and the 
  PV.  But the old PV was not associated to any LVM volume group
  (unlike those on the *new* disk, which were shown as belonging to 
- Then I did something like:  clicked "LVM", and created VolGroup01, which
  then appeared (in the partitioner GUI listing) next to the PV on my old 
  I thought: "OK, so my new FC installation will go on the new disk in
  VolGroup00, and my old data will still be on the old disk in VolGroup01"
  (I was careful to *not* check the "format" box).
- I then finished the FC4 installation

Now I can only find logical volumes on my new disk.  My logical volumes on 
the old
disk seem to have disappeared!

Running vgscan and lvscan:
  - on *new* disk:  finds all LVs properly
  - on *old* disk:  finds only volume group VolGroup01, but no logical 

Running vgchange -ay doesn't yield anything different.

Two questions:
1.  What happened?  Did I inadvertently overwrite my old volume group when I
     defined VolGroup01 in the installation GUI?  If so, I'm surprised that 
     installer didn't warn that I was about to lose any predefined logical 

2.  Is there any way to recover the data on my old logical volumes?  I have 
      believe that the data is still all there in principle.

Thanks very much for any advice.


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