OT : No Flash 8 nor Flash 9 ?

PHD phd2 at fcomfrench.com
Mon Jul 3 09:49:52 UTC 2006

On Mon, 2006-07-03 at 03:57 -0500, Arthur Pemberton wrote:
> >From looking at the website you linked to, there is no actual link to
> the source code, so that about immediately eliminates the possiblity
> of finding it in any Fedora Core/Extras.
> Also consider that a lot of the people with expertise enough to do
> what is necessary to create an alternative general don't even like
> Flash to begin with. Plus, the Flash player licence (which I could
> find) specifically allows disassembling of the player.
> And it doesn't look like Macromedia/Adobe is at all interested in
> providing up to date Flash player versions for Linux. Their current
> version is still buggy.
> Peace 

Thanks a lot, that's what I was thinking.

And no, I did not investigate any further. I am not the one who will
complains not to have the last version of any product, but some of my
customers asked me to check this or this website, and I cannot even
access it, as I dont have Flash 8 players ... I can use it as an
argument again using non open plugin on a website... but they just don't
want to hear that ;-)

I don't use flash myself on websites I manage, but I was just curious to
know why Linux was only in the 7 version.

Thanks for your answer, and again, it was not to criticize any. I am
sure somebody would just on me telling, "What dont you do it by
yourself ?". The Fedora team is doing a fantastic job, and I will not
complain if I miss some proprietary plugin to be updated.

May the Source be with you !

Philippe, Chiangmai, Thailand <phd2 at fcomfrench.com>

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