Problems installing FC5-x86_64 on DELL Optiplex GX520

Don Maxwell don.maxwell at
Tue Jul 4 17:48:31 UTC 2006

On 7/4/06, Jānis <je at> wrote:
> > 1. the system is unable to reboot itself (it just hangs)
> > 2. the system hangs at the login screen (i found it moving the mouse cursor
> > around - when start process fires the login manager, mouse freezes. Only
> > reset
> > helps
> >
> > I (wanted to) use PAM and it seems to me that the system understands domain
> > authorization but i had no chance to try it.
> >
> > what' under the skin of GX520:
> > 512 RAM, PATA harddrive, 3GHz P4 with EM64T, onboard video
> what i found:
> 1. system message bus is hanging at the start
> 2. after disabling of it, system is starting in mode 3
> 3. trying to start X leads to kernel panic (it seems that there are some
> problems with hyperthreading/EM64t)

It all depends on which particular P4 model that you have.  Someone
kindly pointed this out to me today on a different CPU matter:

Not all the P4s support hyperthreading.  Mine doesn't.

Does anyone know if hyperthreading can be disabled on FC5-x86_64 ?
This is entering a totally new area for me.

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