running firefox from the command line

bruce bedouglas at
Fri Jul 7 18:16:38 UTC 2006

you're absolutely correct matt...

but if the Firefox instance is used throughout, any coookies, or other
stateful information will be the same...

so as i get information back from the firefox instance, i can parse it and
send it back to the firefox instance. this is pretty much what i already did

so it might work...


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On Fri, Jul 07, 2006 at 11:01:16AM -0700, bruce wrote:
> i have a website that returns with a framset. in the framset is a "src"
> attribute. the "src" somehow is interpreted by both IE/Firefox, and is
> to display the actual content of the page....
> i realized if i extract the "src" http:.... and place it in the browser, i
> get the content for the page, and i can see the content when i view the
> "page source"
> when i tried to replicate this using perl/python/cookies/etc.. i can never
> get it to work...
> if i could feed urls to Firefox, and get the resulting webpage/html
> then i would probably be ok...

That's just going to get you the tag with the src attribute -- not magically
rewritten into one combined HTML file. Sorry!

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