What to do when rpm verification fails

Scott R. Godin scott.g at mhg2.com
Fri Jul 7 20:30:47 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-07-07 at 22:10 +0200, Andras Simon wrote:
> Some of these "installs" involved downgrading (because the install dvd
> is out of date for many packages), that's why I used --force (it
> implies --oldpackage). Anyway, this part went quite smoothly, except
> for stuff like
> missing     /usr/share/system-config-securitylevel/checklist.pyc
> missing     /usr/share/system-config-securitylevel/firstboot_selinux.pyc
> missing     /usr/share/system-config-securitylevel/scs_checklist.pyc
> missing     /usr/share/system-config-securitylevel/securitylevel.pyc
> missing     /usr/share/system-config-securitylevel/selinuxPage.pyc
> missing     /usr/share/system-config-securitylevel/system-config-securitylevel.p
> yc
> missing     /usr/share/system-config-securitylevel/trustedchecklist.pyc
> showing up in rpm -Va, which I suspect is a packaging bug and has
> nothing to do with my recent troubles. But I may be wrong about
> this...
> Andras

you could I believe, at this point, yum update
system-config-securitylevel :)
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